Getting to Colonsay

The harbour and war memorial at Scalasaig

The harbour and war memorial at Scalasaig.

When we bought Garta Cottage some of our friends were horrified....’its so far away’ they cried.....’yes’ we said ‘that’s the point’

We love the journey onto the island, it is an adventure in itself. The drive though the Scottish highlands is beyond breathtaking, some days the lochs are so still they could be made of glass and on some days,after the rain, alongside each winding road springs a crashing waterfall.

You will need to end your drive at the port of Oban, a good little town with all the amenities you need and where you can buy anything you have forgotten! It is always worth popping onto the quay to pick up some freshly caught seafood from the open-air café.

Then onto the Calmac ferry; the port is easily negotiated, just follow the signs to the ferry terminal and you will be directed into the right queue. Do make sure you are there an hour before departure. In our experience the ferry leaves on time

After a voyage of about two and a half hours you will arrive on the quay side at Scalasaig, the bustling heart of Colonsay....only now will you realise just how far you have come.

I suggest you revel in the melee of the disembarkation, lots of islanders coming and going and of course every item needed by the islanders will also be arriving on the ferry from loo roll to fencing posts!
This is the most people you will see all week...unless you join the Ceilidh on Saturday night!

The traffic police!

Drive off the ferry and straight on, the island has one circular road...a bit like the M25 only with more cows and sheep!

Follow the road past the hotel for about 2 miles and in a moment the sea will appear on the horizon ahead continue on, the sea should be on your left, or you are going the wrong way round!
On your right you will see two white cottages set back from the road....Garta is the one on the left.
If you are traveling without a car, the train journey takes you through the same beautiful landscape. From south England you need to get to Glasgow where you can pick up a transfer to Oban, the train will deposit you about 10 meters from the ferry so its not far to walk.

It is possible to fly onto Colonsay, operates a service twice a week from Oban, the air terminal on Colonsay is the small timber building next to the beach about a mile from the cottage!

The harbour and war memorial at Scalasaig

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