The Isle of Colonsay

Cockling and prawn hunting

For information on this unique little island you should visit the Island’s own web site the web site contains so much information from island history, wildlife, what to do, who to see, and so much more.

From our point of view the love of Colonsay can be divided into two groups .....the children ....and us......

What the children love....

Riding their bikes to the shop without us....they go off exploring alone....the single track roads mean cars drive slowly and the only danger is sheep!

Collecting driftwood and makingcamp fires to cook bacon butties

Messing about in Machrins bay where at high tide the whole bay is only waist deep

Fishing in rock pools and off the pier and sometimes off the boat

ClimbingMountans.....ok the highest peak is only 469 feet but when you are 4 that IS a mountain! The mountains on Colonsay are called Mcfiesand if you are feeling energetic you can ‘bag’ all the Mcfies which means climbing all 12 peaks in the shortest time....just under 3 hours is the top time....good luck!

Reading books....yes really.....once they get over the no telly issue, a world of opportunities opens up.

Go seal spotting...and sometimes even otter spotting.

Spending hours collecting scallop shells ...known in our family as mermaids bras!

Eating cake at ColonsayHouse gardens...the grown ups like this too!

What we love.....

There is no phone internet connection

There are miles of unspoilt beach and cliff walks...we often have the beach to ourselves,
Just enough folks to be sociable but not enough to make it’s a good comparison.......

Colonsay’s land mass is  15 square miles and has a permanent population of about 120 people.

Guernsay’s land mass is 30 square miles, so twice the size, and has a population of......wait for it......65 thousand..................QED
Spotting corncrakes, choughs and golden eagles you can see both with ease and it is said that you can spot over 50 species of bird if you sit at any point on the island with a pair of binoculars.

To buy freshly caught lobster and oysters then go cockling and prawn hunting and have a fruits de mer to die for

The wildest golf course we have ever played....dodging the sheep, cows and rabbit holes whilst coping with the gusting on shore wind requires skill and patience!

This island is just simply the most beautiful calm and restful place we know. Our visits seem to recharge us, we feel our worries melt away on the island...could be the whisky, could be the landscape,who knows

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